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Who is Henry Galt?

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureEntrepreneurship


Fortune takes note of the "crumbling infrastructure" and suggests that Randian capitalists might come to the rescue (the article is confused and meandering so no reason to...

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Cloning Products in the Wild Wild East

Global EconomyEntrepreneurship


Anyone that has lived in or toured a big city like New York, London or Tokyo will undoubtedly bump into black market goods being sold on the side of the street.

From fake Rolex's and Foaklies to DVDs filled with recently released movies.

Popular Science...

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The Wild Wheel

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurship


No one, but no one, tells the story of the Ford Motor Company like Garet Garret. He loved machines and technology, and the markets that create and market them. He loved the car and its transforming effect on society. And he lived through it and knows what he is talking about.

Here he sees...

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Inventor versus innovator

Legal SystemEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and Competition


If you missed it, the creator of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), a popular social networking website, was sued three years ago by a company he had previously worked at.

The lawsuit lists a number of allegations, including the fact that Zuckerberg "took the original idea" and...

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Private Lunar Flights Coming Soon



Flights to the moon could become a reality soon, for $100 million:

"I personally think that it's the biggest thing in private spaceflight. It would change the way the whole world thinks...

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Technology plus economics plus marketing = business success

EntrepreneurshipProduction Theory


I've been completely captivated by this series of interviews in which Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are brought on a set together to talk about the history of our times as it concerns technology, and their...

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Global Warming Is Not a Threat but the Environmentalist Response to It Is (Full Version)

The EnvironmentEntrepreneurshipPolitical Theory


This article is the original, full version from which three previous articles that have appeared on this blog were excerpted. Those articles were "The Environmentalist Noose Is Tightening" (February 9, 2007, "Global Warming Is Not a Threat But the Environmentalist Response to...

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Squeezing Utils out of the Final Frontier



Last year J.H. Huebert discussed a new ad model of placing advertisements in space.

While this idea has received praises in the past, it has also been poo-pooed by a wide...

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Drop Errors and The Trouble with Peer Review

EntrepreneurshipPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheoryProduction Theory


In product development there are two kinds of errors. A "go" error occurs when the green light is given to a product that eventually fails. The Edsel, a $250 million write-off by the Ford Motor Company in 1959, is one example. The "drop" error occurs when an idea that could...

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Uh oh, dangerous, delicious, and fun drink becoming popular



Sometimes the regular news reads just like The Onion, such as this one on the growing controversy about a new liquor drink called Spykes.


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