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VIDEO: Peter Klein Explains the Basics of Government-regulated Healthcare

Free MarketsHealth


Peter G. Klein explains how "Healthcare" would work, if it functioned in a free market.  


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Back alley organ transplants

Free MarketsHealthInterventionism


How do you create back alley organ transplants? Simple, just prohibit the buying and selling of human organs and then go all over the world trying to stop the market from working. Government payment for organs and control over distribution is no answer and would no doubt cause economic and...

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Die Early, Save Taxpayers Money



The usual argument about smoking and anti-obesity laws is that people who are sick cost the public money. Time reports on an opposite view: the earlier you die, the cheaper it is for those paying the bills.


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A Personal Note on Lew



I just heard from Lew Rockwell and he made it out of surgery just fine. He had serious surgery done on the back of his eye, not super dangerous but quite harrowing. It took a good part of the day yesterday. Apparently it will be a month or so before we know how much good it did and what the...

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How Can You Oppose Health Care for Children?

HealthTaxes and Spending


Congress has again passed an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), only to have it vetoed again. That has given its backers yet another chance to proclaim how much they care for children and rehash attacks against President Bush, as when Lois Capps (D-CA) called...

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New Zealand: Obese Need Not Apply



Here's a first for me: the female half of a couple seeking to emigrate from the UK to New Zealand is barred from joining her husband who's already there (Jack Sprat, I suppose) because she's obese. From this article,...

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End of the cupcake, and Liberty

HealthInterventionismPolitical Theory


It has been said that political movements which appear anemic, confined to the corner tables of beer halls and coffee houses, can become juggernauts overnight with the right dose of ideology, and favorable general mood and climate....

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People don't kill people, the lack of socialized medicine does!

Big GovernmentHealthPhilosophy and Methodology


If I see another citation of this story as proof that we need national health care, I'm going to vomit. Supposedly, this man killed his wife because he couldn't afford her medical bills. People on discussion boards like...

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Cato's Pilon on the Ninth Amendment and Right to Lifesaving Drugs



In a recent WSJ op-ed, New Right to Life, Cato's Roger Pilon criticizes the recent decision of the Court of Appeals forthe D.C. Circuit, which "reversed a 15-month-old decision by a panel of the court that had recognized a...

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