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Abolish the FBI

Legal SystemU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


Never constitutional, the FBI was formed to compete against more effective private agencies. It now functions to shield politicians from the law.

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The Supreme Court’s New Attack on the Fourth Amendment

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. History


Not surprisingly, the Supreme Court — part of the US government — recently decided to expand the powers and privileges of the US government.

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"Gun Violence" as a Rhetorical Trick in the Gun-Control Debate

Legal SystemMedia and CultureU.S. History


When a pundit refers to "gun violence" when the discussion is about homicide, they're usually trying to hide something.

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Why Hillary Clinton Wasn't Indicted

Legal SystemThe Police State


Why wasn't Hillary Clinton indicted? It certainly wasn't because federal prosecutors have a towering respect for the rights of defendants.

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Why Large, Local Legislatures Are Better than the EU Parliament

Big GovernmentLegal SystemPolitical Theory


Large parliaments with small district sizes and easy access to legislators are preferable to the EU system of huge constituencies and little access.

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What Now, Britain?

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyLegal System


Brexit is not so much a victory as an opportunity, a chance to once again spread the ideals of peace and free trade from which all human progress derives.

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The Week in Review: June 18, 2016

Global EconomyLegal SystemPolitical Theory


A drive for more centralized power is underway everywhere. From the UK's "Remain" campaign to gun control in the US.

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Tax Breaks Don’t Hurt Video Games, Intellectual Property Does

Legal SystemMedia and CultureMonopoly and Competition


If we want gaming to develop as a vibrant community of original content creators, we must first and foremost reject protectionism in the world of ideas.

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The 9 Best Quotes Against Intellectual Property

Legal SystemPrivate Property


Louis Rouanet compiles some of the best quotes to use against defenders of IP.

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Do Drive-Thrus Discriminate Against Non-Drivers?

Legal SystemPrivate Property


People who cannot drive want to buy McNuggets at 1 AM when only the drive-thru window is open. Should the state force this on restaurant owners?

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