The Police State

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Edward Stringham on Radically Rethinking Police

Legal SystemStrategyThe Police State

Ed Stringham and Jeff Deist discuss why the US criminal justice system is broken, and how private security firms could create vastly better outcomes.

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The Economics of Marijuana

Free MarketsHealthThe Police StateInterventionism

In this three-lecture course, Mark Thornton explains how prohibition changed not only the market for marijuana, but the characteristics of the drug itself.

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Jeff Deist: Whatever Happened to Peace Officers?

The Police State

Jeff Deist on the state of modern law enforcement.

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Jeff Deist: The Trouble with Progressives

Big GovernmentThe FedStrategyThe Police StateWar and Foreign Policy

Jeff Deist makes the case that the real issues confronting us are war and peace, central banking, and state power—not inequality or racism or sexism.

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The Legalization Cure for the Heroin Epidemic

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. History

03/28/2016Mises Wire
Due to over prescription of legal opiates, many patients become addicted and end up turning to illegal opiates like heroin. Overdoses and other tragedies soon follow.

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To Oppose Free Trade Is To Embrace Violence

The Police StateTaxes and SpendingEntrepreneurshipValue and Exchange

03/18/2016Mises Wire
Imposing restrictions on trade is not a mere academic exercise. It requires government agents, courts, prisons, police, and the whole panoply of the punitive, coercive state. To oppose free trade is to support more jails, fines, regulations, and more.

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The Continuing Demonization of Cash

Money and BanksThe Police StateMoney and Banking

The public has been successfully conditioned to view the use of cash as something suspicious. Meanwhile, thanks to growin g pressure from government, private business now often considers cash to be more trouble than it's worth, writes Paul-Martin Foss ...

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Are Harsh Sentencing Laws Driving Up Homicide Rates?

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. Economy

The United States is notable for incarcerating a very large portion of its population compared to other countries. Surprisingly, this may increase homicide rates and lead to enclaves of ex-cons which would help explain why so many homicide victims have criminal records, writes Justin Murray.

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