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In the EU, the Worst Rise to the Top

World HistoryPolitical Theory


European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is the master of pretended wisdom. But Juncker is not the disease, he is the symptom.

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Brazil's Lost Decade: We Must Free Our Economy

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Here in Brazil, free-market ideas have long been ridiculed and ignored, with disastrous results.

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We Need More Borders and More States

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


As Venezuela shows, living close to an international border can be an important lifeline. This illustrates the benefits of political decentralization.

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The Unique Evil of the Left

World HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Since the French Revolution, leftism has served as the impetus for many of the state's worst massacres and totalitarian impulses.

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Put Your Hope In Radical Decentralization

Big GovernmentDecentralization and SecessionStrategyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Do not put your trust in democracy, but neither should you trust in a dictatorship. Rather, put your hope into radical political decentralization.

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The First Day of the Somme

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History


The Sacrifice of July 1, 1916. The first day of the Battle of the Somme was a human disaster.

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The US Should Have 10,000 Members of Congress

Decentralization and SecessionU.S. HistoryWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


The ballooning size of legislative districts in the US is just one more illustration of how the United States is too large.

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The Week in Review: June 25, 2016

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


By rejecting globalism and embracing self-determination, Brexit is an example of decentralization and devolution of state power, which is cause for celebration.

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Thousands Flee as Venezuela Implodes

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


The collapse of the Venezuelan experiment in "21st century socialism" can be seen in the rising tide of emigrants out of the country.

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Brexit: Individualism > Nationalism > Globalism

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Decentralization and devolution of state power is always a good thing, regardless of the motivations behind such movements.

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