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Rothbard: The Progressive Movement

Big GovernmentU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryOther Schools of Thought


Murray Rothbard examines the origins of the Federal Reserve in light of the history of the Progressive movement.

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Repent and Believe in the Data!

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


The new trend among famous economists is pointing out the times they changed their views in light of new empirical findings. Far from defending economics as a science and a profession, this trend actually reveals the unscientific and ideological nature of mainstream economics.

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Textbook Definitions of Economics: An Informal Survey

EducationOther Schools of Thought


The fundamental divide between Austrian economics and the mainstream is apparent on the first page of many textbooks, in which the authors simply define economics.

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Socialism: Now with Computers!

Calculation and KnowledgeEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of Thought


There's no shortage of intellectuals eager to churn out new schemes for central planning.

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Infrastructure and Public Works: Crowding Out and Economic Instability

Booms and BustsOther Schools of Thought


While the policy may appear to work ─ the effect is temporary. One can achieve a short term lower unemployment rate but only at the cost of higher unemployment long term and increased instability.

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Nine Schools of Economic Thought

Austrian Economics OverviewOther Schools of Thought


Here is an interesting table comparing 9 schools of economic thought.

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Central Banks Are Not Innocent Bystanders

Money and BanksMoney and BankingOther Schools of Thought


Mises Daily Monday by Peter St. Onge: 

The Economist recently opined that interest rates don't affect investment....

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Military Socialism

War and Foreign PolicyEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of Thought


There’s a long history of comparing market competition to warfare. Game theorists, for example, sometimes use metaphors borrowed from military strategy to talk about...

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On Pure Capitalism

Other Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory


"A social system based on this natural position regarding the assignment of property rights is, and will from now on be called, pure capitalist.  And since its ideas can be discerned as the dominating ideas of private law, i.e., of the norms regulating relations between private persons...

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