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Fires of the Feds: How the Government Has Destroyed Forests

The EnvironmentOther Schools of Thought

10/25/2007Mises Daily Articles
Environmental policy has operated on the assumption — as so eloquently stated by Lew Rockwell — that "private ownership is the enemy."
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Katrina and the Never-Ending Scandal of State Management

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentFree MarketsHealthMedia and Culture

09/13/2005Mises Daily Articles
The Gulf Coast was hit with two disasters: Katrina and government. At every level and in every way, writes William Anderson, it made everything worse.
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The Grave Danger of Catfish Terrorism

The EnvironmentU.S. EconomyInterventionism

08/22/2005Mises Daily Articles
When the State of Alabama recently announced that it was banning the importation of Vietnamese basa fish, writes William Anderson, officials even intimated that some sneaky terrorists might use it kill Americans.
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Target: Private Enterprise

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentLegal SystemU.S. History

06/27/2005Mises Daily Articles
The Supreme Court overturned the guilty verdict against Arthur Andersen Company, writes William Anderson, but it came too late to save the firm.
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Is Ken Lay A Criminal?

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentLegal SystemU.S. History

08/16/2004Mises Daily Articles
It is unlikely, argue William Anderson and Candice Jackson, that Lay is guilty of criminal activity, especially in the sales of Enron stock.
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The Economics of Water in the West

The EnvironmentPrices

07/12/2004Mises Daily Articles
Market prices for water? Would that mean the end of some farms in California and elsewhere in the West? Yes, says William Anderson, that is exactly what that means. The government has engaged in egregiously wasteful policies in order to politically distribute water.
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Death by Environmentalism

The Environment

07/17/2003Mises Daily Articles
The previous foam used to insulate the Columbia's external fuel tanks contained Freon, which is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) that the EPA banned because of the ozone depletion scare. The wreck of the Columbia was almost certainly due to a chunk of insulating foam coming loose and hitting some heat-...
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What Brought Down Enron?

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareThe EnvironmentLegal SystemU.S. EconomyCapital and Interest TheoryProduction Theory

10/08/2002Mises Daily Articles
The answers we receive from the academics in response to the collapse of the Enron Corporation and the implosion of other firms are not answers at all. At best, they deal only with effects, or, at worst, reverse the pattern of cause and effect. To put it another way, writes William Anderson, the...
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ANWR and Private Property

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentU.S. EconomyPrivate Property

04/22/2002Mises Daily Articles
According to Ludwig von Mises, socialism was doomed to failure because the lack of private property, plus the absence of a profit and loss system, meant that accurate economic calculation would be impossible in those regimes. Instead of order, there would be chaos--something that was borne out time...
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Regulation and Reality

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentU.S. EconomyInterventionism

02/14/2002Mises Daily Articles
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and others who claim that the Enron scandal will be a watershed for regulation miss the point. Government regulation already dominates our economic landscape. Tossing on a few more rules might do damage, but it will not prevent fraud from occurring in the...
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