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Wealth Isn't Just Measured in Money — It's Measured in Choices

Media and CultureValue and Exchange

Don't compare incomes today to incomes of long-ago time periods. The wealth and choices available to income-earners has changed drastically over time.
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Inferno and the Overpopulation Myth

Media and Culture


Inferno features a Malthusian villain set on halving the world's population out of overpopulation fears. Let us unpack this myth.

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Wild Grumblers Appear: T-Mobile’s Pokémon Go Deal and Net Neutrality

Media and Culture


The grumblers say that T-Mobile's free data for Pokémon Go violates a net neutrality rule.

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The JetBlue Democracy Experiment

Media and CulturePolitical Theory


The intended message of the JetBlue commercial is that if we just work together and make some sacrifices, we can all win. However, it actually showcased the inherent flaws in democratic processes.

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Jonathan Newman: Fake Science

Big GovernmentMedia and Culture

Jeff Deist and Jonathan Newman discuss how politicized pseudoscience silences debate and drives dubious public policy.
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Star Trek Is Wrong: There Will Always Be Scarcity

Media and CulturePricesValue and Exchange

10/20/2015Mises Wire
Millions of pop culture consumers have been affected by the "post scarcity" world portrayed in Star Trek . But even in Star Trek , the claims of having overcome scarcity are belied by the fact that human lives, planets, starships, and time all remain scarce.
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