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Is Marine Le Pen the French Donald Trump?

Global EconomyStrategyPolitical Theory


Marine Le Pen has a long way to go before she can become the French Donald Trump.

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The Great Gatsby and the Fed

Booms and BustsMedia and CultureBusiness CyclesPolitical Theory

The “constant flicker” of American life described by Fitzgerald in his novel is no less than the artificial boom driven by the Fed during the 1920s.
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How Political Competition Made Europe Rich

World HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Political decentralization is “the essence of the spirit of Europe.” It is what made room for the merchant to trade and for the worker to innovate.
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Britain Should Embrace Unilateral Free Trade Right Now

Taxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


Unilateral free trade is not some utopian libertarian ideal. It is a real-world policy that has been used and which reaps economic rewards.

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Henry Hazlitt's Dystopia: A Review of Time Will Run Back

The EntrepreneurPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Henry Hazlitt brings to his only novel, Time Will Run Back, the same clarity and ease for the reader he brought to Economics in One Lesson.

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The EU vs. Apple vs. Ireland: Why Tax Competition Is a Good Thing

Global EconomyTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


Ireland has tried to attract businesses by undercutting the tax rates of its neighbors. That is a good thing wherever it occurs.

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Just Another Day in Regulated Europe

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Martin is happy that EU bureaucrats manage every aspect of his life. Martin's brother, though, is not as appreciative of his unelected overlords.

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"Free Stuff" Isn't All That It's Cracked Up to Be

Free MarketsWorld HistoryInterventionismPolitical Theory


Democratic socialism in Britain in the late 1940s brought a wave of shortages with rations falling even below WWII standards.

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The European Union Is Anti-European

Decentralization and SecessionWorld HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

04/04/2016Mises Wire
The modern drive to centralize European government and make a European superstate threatens to destroy what made Europe great in the first place.
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