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1.1. Subsidizing the Railroads

December 20, 2017
From Chapter 1, "Railroads: The First Big Business and the Failure of the Cartels".

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1.1. The Functions of Money

December 11, 2017
From Part 1, "The Nature of Money". Narrated by Jim Vann.

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1.1. The Operation of the Market Mechanism

May 2, 1944
The capitalists, the enterprisers, and the farmers are instrumental in the conduct of economic affairs, but the captain is the consumer.

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1.1. The Setting: History

March 16, 2015
From Chapter 1 of A Short History of Man : "On the Origin of Private Property and the Family".

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1.1. Wealth

December 31, 2014
Cantillon defines wealth as the consumption goods produced by land and labor.

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1.10. The Price and Intrinsic Value of a Thing, in General, is the Measurement of the Land and Labor, which enter into its Production

December 1, 2014
Intrinsic value can be measured by the quantity of land and laborers, taking into account the quality of land and labor.

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