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Atilla Sulker is a senior in the IB Program from James S. Rickards High School in Tallahassee, Florida. He has been fascinated with politics and economics for around two to three years, and cites Ron Paul, Walter Block, Lew Rockwell, Randall Holcombe, Louis Carabini, John Denson, and Murray Rothbard as his influences. He is the founder of the Free Speech Society, a Facebook organization dedicated to bringing people from various different political backgrounds in radical defense of free speech. Atilla is also a guitar player of 5 years and enjoys playing and listening to Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Ritchie Blackmore, Neil Young, and his all time favorite, Joe Satriani. He is also fascinated with technology and mathematics, and plans on studying mechanical or materials engineering in college. Feel free to email him at

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05/20/2019Power & Market
Individuos de todos los rincones del espectro político se han visto agitados por la reciente prohibición de varias figuras, entre ellas Alex Jones y Louis Farrakhan. Algunos han elogiado estas prohibiciones por proporcionar buenas restricciones a lo que consideran «noticias falsas» o «discursos de...Lea más en Mises Wire
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