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Jeff Deist


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Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public speaker, and advocate for property, markets, and civil society. He previously worked as a longtime advisor and chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, for whom he wrote hundreds of articles and speeches. In his years with Dr. Paul he worked with countless grassroots activists and organizations dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government.

Jeff also spent many years as a tax attorney advising private equity clients on mergers & acquisitions. 

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Así es un privilegio

05/30/2018Power & Market
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Amity Shlaes sobre el ‘Silencioso Cal’

Historia de EEUU

El historiador Amity Shlaes hace el caso libertario para Calvin Coolidge.
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¿Fue Mises un neoliberal?

04/23/2018Power & Market
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¡Devolved los tipos de interés!

04/17/2018Power & Market
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