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60. Three Cardios Talk Keto

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01/31/2019Michel AccadAnish Koka

For decades, the academic cardiology community has focused its attention on pharmacological interventions to prevent heart disease. Our guest is an accomplished clinician-scientist who tells us his personal story that led him from the lab bench to becoming interested in dietary interventions and in the ketogenic diet in particular.

Dr. Ethan Weiss (twitter) is Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. He has a stellar academic pedigree, having received his MD degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School, where he also trained as part of his internship and residency. He completed his fellowship in cardiology at UCSF and has had an illustrious career as a basic science investigator at UCSF, studying the relationship between heart disease and metabolism. He is also the co-founder of a start up company, Keyto, to help people measure their blood ketone levels in real time as part of a diet management program.

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