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The American Empire

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08/06/2014Garet Garrett

One of the most perceptive and felicitous writers of the Old Right was the doughty and fiercely independent Garet Garrett, who, during his long career in journalism, was an editor of the Saturday Evening Post and of the quarterly American Affairs. Unlike so many of his colleagues on the Old Right, Mr. Garrett did not succumb to the lure of American imperialism after World War II; on the contrary, he leveled against it some of his most effective onslaughts. The following is a condensation of Garrett's pamphlet The Rise of Empire, published in 1952, and included in his collection The People's Pottage (Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, 1953). We are indebted to Caxton Printers for permission to print this article.

Volume 2, Number 1; Winter 1966

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Garret, Garet. "The American Empire" Left and Right 2, No. 1 (Winter 1966): 36-53.

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