American Mercury 1936–1943

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The American Mercury February 1937

01/06/2011American Mercury 1936–1943
Russia's Private War in Spain, by Lawrence Dennis Portrait of Walter Winchell, Henry F. Pringle The Bogus Era of Good Feeling, by Albert Jay Nock Oregon's Secret Love Cult, by Stewart H. Holbrook Twenty Grand Apiece, Edward Anderson Horse and Buggy Days, Della T. Lutes The American Future, by H. L...
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The American Mercury January 1938

01/06/2011American Mercury 1936–1943
The Triumph of the Have-Not, H.L. Mencken Harold Lord Varney on Radicals in Our Churches Cohen and Corcoran: Brain Twins, by Blaire Bolles Albert Jay Nock on What the Republicans Won't Do John W. Thomason, Jr. on the Conquest of Pain Open Forum, Poetry, and more
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The American Mercury February 1936

12/29/2010American Mercury 1936–1943
Senator Lester Dickson asks, "What's the Matter With Congress" Progress Toward Collectivism, by Albert Jay Nock Portrait of a Lifer Reno the Naughty, by Anthony Turano A Yankee Looks at Dixie, by Katherine F. Gerauld S.K. Padover on the First Liberal and more
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The American Mercury September 1936

12/29/2010American Mercury 1936–1943
Paradise Imagined, by William H. Chamberlin The End of Democracy, by Ralph Adams Cram Canada Won't Go Yankee, by Stephen Leacock The Sweetheart of the Regimenters, by Blair Bolles Labor Speaks to Capital, by Matthew Woll Turgenor, by Ford Maddox Ford Confessions of a Poetry Teacher, by Clarence W...
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The American Mercury March 1936

12/29/2010American Mercury 1936–1943
Three Years of Dr. Roosevelt, H.L. Mencken Harald Lord Varney asks, "Are the Capitalists Asleep?" Albert Jay Nock on the New Deal and Prohibition Is Patriotism Necessary? by Struthers Bert A Man-God of Japan by Sydney Greenbie An Open Letter to Mr. Jefferson by William M. Houghton Portland: Athens...
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The American Mercury April 1936

12/28/2010American Mercury 1936–1943
If the New Dealers Win, Frank R. Kent Laurence Stallings on Bush Brigades and Blackamoors Youth Faces the Sex Problem, by Constance Cassady William Henry Chamberlin on Prison Camps of Liberty Duncan Aicman says the Middle West Rules America Galsworthy, Ford Maddox Brown Invitation to Monarcy, by...
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American Mercury


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The American Mercury June 1939

Father Coughlin: Holy Medicine Man, by John McCarten

Germany Can't Win! by George Fielding Eliot


The American Mercury August 1939

Beware the Third Termites! Eugene Lyons

Shall we Annex Texas? Owen P. White

The Headmaster Murder...

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