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The Cultural and Spiritual Legacy of Fiat Inflation

Money and BanksAustrian Economics OverviewMoney and Banking

Chapter 13 in The Ethics of Money Production . From Part 2, "Inflation," pages 175-191. Narrated by Floy Lilley.
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Not Yours to Give

Legal SystemPolitical TheoryPrivate Property

Taken from Free Market Economics: A Basic Reader , compiled by Bettina Bien Greaves (pp. 227-231). Narrated by Floy Lilley.
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Private and Public Services

Free MarketsAustrian Economics OverviewPolitical Theory

From Chapter IX of The Bastiat Collection: Volume II : "Harmonies of Political Economy (Book Two)". Pages 481-505 in the text. Narrated by Brannon King.
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I, Pencil

Free Markets

The audio version of Leonard Read's classic essay. Narrated by Floy Lilley.
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Austrian School Arguments on the Free-Market Origin of Money

Monetary TheoryMoney and Banking

Austrian Economics offers an elegant, logical, and thoroughly causal explanation of how money came to be, again demonstrating the power of the free market to spontaneously organize human activity in meaningful and universally beneficial ways.
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Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism

Austrian Economics OverviewPolitical Theory

This address was originally delivered before the University Club of New York on April 18, 1950. This audio essay is narrated by Gennady Stolyarov, II.
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