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Conservative Means to Progressive Ends? Avik Roy on Healthcare

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04/12/2019Michel AccadAnish Koka

Is there a conservative path to universal healthcare? Our guest certainly believes so. Avik Roy (twitter) is one of the most influential conservative voices in healthcare. A graduate from MIT and Yale Medical School, Avik spent many years with the investment firm Bain Capital. In 2009, in response to the debates leading up to Obamacare, Avik started a blog to share his insights. Those were soon noticed by the media and the policy world, and he quickly became the go-to policy wonk on healthcare among conservatives.

In 2012, Roy joined the campaign of Mitt Romney as policy adviser and later went on to advise Texas Governor Rick Perry, as well as Senator Marco Rubio. In 2016, he founded FREOPP, the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, a conservative public policy think tank based in Austin, Texas. He continues to edit his blog, The Apothecary, now hosted by Forbes where he serves as Senior Opinion editor.

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