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Cost Sharing: Paying for Healthcare in an Ethical and Sustainable Way

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02/18/2019Michel AccadAnish Koka

There was a time when communities took care of the medical needs of their members without the intervention of governments and without the corrupting influence of health insurance. Can we ever go back to a system of mutual aid at a time when healthcare costs have grown astronomical?

Our guest today shows us that the idea of cost sharing is not only viable but is a lived reality for thousands of families across the United States. Dale Bellis began his work in healthcare in 1988 as an administrator with the first cost-sharing ministry ever begun in modern times. He was instrumental in passing legislation in 11 states exempting cost sharing ministries from insurance regulations. He also introduced technology and administrative techniques to streamline person to person cost-sharing. In 2012, he founded Liberty Healthshare, which provides an opportunity to live free from insurance and government-mandated healthcare to a large and growing number of American families that share fundamental values and a strong belief in personal responsibility.

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