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The Failure of Bolshevism and Its Aftermath

World HistoryOther Schools of Thought

11/24/2017The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Judged by its announced goals, Bolshevism failed. Was Russia "not yet ripe" for socialism?


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Richard Cantillon and the French Economists: Distinctive French Contributions of J.B. Say

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsOther Schools of Thought

11/21/2017The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The late 17th century experienced a crisis in European thought which paralleled the Scientific Revolution and led to a revolution in economic thought.


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The American Militia and the Origin of Conscription: A Reassessment

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

10/05/2017The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The history of American militias is a complex and often-misunderstood story of both public and semi-private militias.


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Chicago vs. the Free Market Symposium

Other Schools of Thought

06/09/2016The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Not everyone called a free-market economist — regardless of their possession of a Nobel prize — really is devoted to the free market.
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Journal of Libertarian Studies Final Issue: Volume 22, Online Only

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

06/06/2016The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The final issue of the Journal of Libertarian Studies (1977–2011): online.
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Immigration Symposium

InterventionismPolitical Theory

06/03/2016The Journal of Libertarian Studies
There is no necessary connection between battling to curb immigration and rejecting key elements of the free market such as free trade.
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The Impossibility of the State

Big GovernmentFree Markets

04/20/2016The Journal of Libertarian Studies
In this article, Leonard Brewster discusses how self-governance can be much more efficient than a formal governing class or state. Volume 16, Number 3 (2002)


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The Marginal Efficiency of Capital: A Comment

Financial MarketsBusiness Cycles

01/30/2015The Journal of Libertarian Studies
ABSTRACT : The impact of interest rates on investment choices is a key element in both Keynesian and Austrian theories of the business cycle. Fuller (2013) compares the Keynesian Marginal Efficiency of Capital approach to the Austrian Net Present Value approach, claiming that the two give different...
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Rejoinder to Hoppe on Immigration

Global EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyCalculation and Knowledge

01/01/2011The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The present paper is the continuation of an intra-libertarian debate over immigration.


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