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Alice Salles

Alice Salles was born and raised in Brazil but has lived in America for the past ten years. She now lives in Compton, California and writes for The Advocates for Self-Government, Liberty Conservative, and Anti-Media.

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Robots Ready to Scoop Ice Cream Jobs


As Murray Rothbard so rightly put it, minimum wage laws translate into “compulsory unemployment.” They don't provide any jobs. They only outlaw them.

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Trump's Cuba Travel Ban Is A Wall Against Americans

The Trump administration is now taking steps to crack down again on private entrepreneurs who are just trying to provide goods and services in both the US and Cuba. As usual, this government meddling in markets will only impoverish more people.

06/06/2019Power & Market
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Social Security is Broke, Any "Fix" is a Joke

05/16/2019Power & Market
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New York’s "Soak the Rich" Approach Only Helps Politicians

It is “political ambition and the sin of covetousness,” as Chodorov put it, that helps to perpetuate the idea that government has a right to confiscate property in the name of the common good. And politicians bank on it, using it to boost political clout.

04/12/2019Power & Market
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Swedish Ex-Prime Minister Rebukes Bernie: Socialism Only Destroys

Much of Sweden's current success is built on the rollback of taxation and regulation that occurred there during the early 1990s. In short, even the Swedes know Bernie-nomics is simplistic and dangerous.

03/04/2019Power & Market
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