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Daniel J. Mitchell is a top expert on fiscal policy issues such as tax reform, the economic impact of government spending, and supply-side tax policy. Mitchell a former senior fellow with The Cato Institute and The Heritage Foundation, and served as an economist for Senator Bob Packwood and the Senate Finance Committee. His articles can be found in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, and Washington Times. He is a frequent guest on radio and television and a popular speaker on the lecture circuit. Mitchell holds bachelor's and master's degrees in economics from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University. His blog is Liberty – Restraining Government in America and Around the World.

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"Medicare for All" Would Copy the Bad Features of the UK's Government-Run System

04/05/2019Power & Market
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Trump Treasury Secretary Supports French Tax Harmonization Scheme

it’s utterly depressing that a Republican Treasury Secretary explicitly condemns tax competition.

02/28/2019Power & Market
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Study Shows Government Social Programs Create Dependence, Idleness

02/11/2019Power & Market
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New York is America's Least Free State, Which is the Most Libertarian?

02/05/2019Power & Market
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Philadelphia's Soda Tax Was a Win for Politicians, A Loss for Everyone Else

The soda tax adds just one more hassle for already-beleaguered small shop owners. But it's been great for politicians who claim they're "doing something" about obesity.

01/29/2019Power & Market
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