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David Gornoski

David Gornoski is a libertarian entrepreneur, speaker, and writer.

All Works

Gun Laws Create Gun Violence

Guns do not disappear when we stomp our feet and scream “Ban!” They just become profitable products for gangs to sell to lone gunmen.

08/08/2019Power & Market
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Jeff Deist Talks Ray Dalio and Crony Billionaires

Cronyism and CorporatismMoney and Banks

Jeff Deist joins David Gornoski to respond to billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio's recent interview on 60 Minutes.
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Our Failing Mimetic Culture

Media and CultureStrategy

David Gornoski on culture and violence in America.
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David Gornoski on Anthropology and Liberty

Media and CultureStrategyPolitical Theory

David Gornoski and Jeff Deist discuss the intersection of libertarianism and cultural anthropology.
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