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Edward Stringham is Davis Professor of Economic Organizations and Innovation at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. In 2017 he became president of American Institute for Economic Research in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He received his undergraduate degree from College of the Holy Cross in 1997 and his doctorate from George Mason University in 2002. As a student, Stringham first attended Mises University in 1996.

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Ed Stringham: Private Governance

Legal SystemMedia and CultureThe Police StateWorld History

Jeff Deist and Ed Stringham demolish the idea that only the state can manage and adjudicate human conflicts.
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First, Ideological Change; Second, Social Change

Free MarketsWorld HistoryEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of Thought

09/10/2010Mises Daily Articles
In light of all the varied and bizarre beliefs, usually incorrect and often pernicious, that have informed human communities throughout the past, is it inconceivable that the far more sensible views of libertarianism might someday become widely accepted?
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Extensions of Rothbardian Anarchist Analytics

Edward Stringham presents Extensions of Rothbardian Anarchist Analytics at the 2007 Austrian Scholars Conference.
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Market Chosen Law

Free MarketsLegal SystemEntrepreneurship

03/17/2007Mises Daily Articles
There are billions of cases where individuals encounter others not under the jurisdiction of the same government, and somehow there is not this chaos that statists envision.
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Authors Forum: "Anarchy and Law"

Edward Stringham presents "Anarchy and Law" at the 2007 Austrian Scholars Conference Authors Forum.
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