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The "Public Goods" Excuse for Big Government


We can't just assume "public goods" like national defense benefit everyone. They come with real costs, and all the "services" that fall under the category of national defense are certainly not of equal use or benefit.

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The Hidden Costs Behind Every Government Program


Governments love to point to stuff they built with your tax dollars. But they never point to all the destroyed wealth and lost opportunities that result from those same programs and policies. 

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Privatizing Public Lands Doesn't Mean Turning Them Into Shopping Centers

The Environment


Public lands already have value as nature preserves and tourist attractions. At the same time, the economic needs of ordinary human beings — which often require land development — shouldn't be ignored. 

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Don't Trust the Government with the Environment

Government's history of subsidizing sprawl, polluting waterways, and mismanaging public lands suggests government agents are the last people we need managing the environment.

07/04/2019Power & Market
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Economics is the Most Important Science for the Layman

When it comes to public policy, good outcomes depend on a good grasp of sound economics by the public.

06/19/2019Power & Market
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