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Why Private Roads Would Have Fewer Traffic Jams

If prices were allowed to adjust to demand, the price of using a given highway would increase when more people want to use it and decrease when fewer people want to use it.

06/18/2019Power & Market
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Are Roads Really a Natural Monopoly?

Any road providers who make part or all of their income via billboards and other advertisements, vendor stands, stores, or pit stops on property on or adjacent to their roads have an incentive to maintain a smooth and constant flow of traffic to constantly draw new eyes and wallets, which would...

06/10/2019Power & Market
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End Federal Control of Tribal Lands

Granting greater sovereignty to Indian reservations could have benefits for Americans both inside and outside the reservation borders.

05/22/2019Power & Market
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The Problem with Aggregate "Calculations" of the Value of Immigration

ImmigrationCalculation and Knowledge


It's impossible to calculate the cost and benefit immigration without considering psychic profit and loss. And the government definitely is in no position to make any calculations at all.

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Free Trade is Pro-Middle Class and Pro-Family

Protectionism and Free TradeTaxes and Spending


The benefits of free trade extend far beyond mere monetary gain. Free trade builds community, makes family life more affordable, and reinforces the importance of peace.

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