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Dr. Mark Brandly is a Fellow of the Mises Institute. He holds a PhD in economics from Auburn University, where he was a Mises Research Fellow, specializing in the areas of Public Finance, International Economics, Natural Resource Economics, and Industrial Organization. He has published articles in The Wall Street JournalThe Journal of CommercePublic Finance ReviewThe Quarterly Journal of Austrian EconomicsThe Free Market, various newspapers and websites. Since 2003, Dr. Brandly has taught at Ferris State University. He also taught at Ball State University and Taylor University. Prior to his academic career, he worked in the Colorado oil and gas industry managing the drilling, completion, and production of oil and gas wells. 

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Now the Bad News

Big GovernmentPolitical Theory

12/13/2000Mises Daily Articles
Even under the new regime, fundamental economic freedoms will continue to be at risk, concludes Mark Brandly in his dissection of the Bush campaign manifesto.
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Relief for Landowners?

Big GovernmentThe Environment

09/22/2000Mises Daily Articles
Some recent court decisions strengthen private property rights. But they do not go far enough.
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How to Bring Oil Prices Down

Taxes and SpendingInterventionismPrices

02/28/2000Mises Daily Articles
OPEC is restricting production, but it's domestic taxes and regulations that keep gas and oil prices high.
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Cooking the Books

Big GovernmentCalculation and Knowledge

06/01/1999The Free Market
Without an accurate accounting picture, federal agencies do not know the costs of their programs and do not have the financial information needed to make informed day-to-day decisions. The government's failure to maintain common accounting standards creates the possibility that billions of dollars...
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Lange Strikes Again

Calculation and Knowledge

04/01/1999The Free Market
The field in economics called "Industrial Organization" is the very foundation of antitrust activity by government. And if you thought antitrust action was little more than one business using government to smash its competitors, The Economist is here to correct you.
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