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Dr. Mark Brandly is a Fellow of the Mises Institute. He holds a PhD in economics from Auburn University, where he was a Mises Research Fellow, specializing in the areas of Public Finance, International Economics, Natural Resource Economics, and Industrial Organization. He has published articles in The Wall Street JournalThe Journal of CommercePublic Finance ReviewThe Quarterly Journal of Austrian EconomicsThe Free Market, various newspapers and websites. Since 2003, Dr. Brandly has taught at Ferris State University. He also taught at Ball State University and Taylor University. Prior to his academic career, he worked in the Colorado oil and gas industry managing the drilling, completion, and production of oil and gas wells. 

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Number Crunching

Calculation and KnowledgeInterventionismPrices

11/01/1998Mises Daily Articles
Is antitrust policy science or the same old racket?
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Tax Gouging

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending

07/28/1998Mises Daily Articles
Will government use any trick to get more revenue? Have a look at what's happening to the oil industry.
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Why Home Schooling Thrives


08/01/1997The Free Market
The rise of home schooling coincides with the general breakdown in the public school system. It began when LBJ, our first "education president," signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, with funding of $1.65 billion. The congressional sponsor predicted, ironically, that the bill...
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Anti-Free Traders, The

Free MarketsInterventionism

05/01/1996The Free Market
To the outside world, it appears that all economists agree: free trade can never be compromised. Inside, the picture is far more complicated. Good economists, preeminently the Austrian School, favor liberty across the board. Yet among the mainstream, economists who favor big government at home...
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Dangers of Tax Shifting, The

Taxes and Spending

09/01/1995The Free Market
The income tax has become politically vulnerable. Some politicians have said we should replace it with a national sales tax. Yet, far from reducing the total tax burden, this would merely shift the burden around from individual filers to retailers.
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