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Sean Corrigan is the author of 'Money, Macro & Markets' newsletter & Consultant to Hinde Capital.

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Coping in a Bear Market

Financial MarketsMoney and BanksCapital and Interest Theory

Boom, Bust, and the Future (23:05) January 18-19, 2002
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How Recessions Become Depressions

Booms and BustsAustrian Economics Overview

Recorded at the 2003 Supporters Summit: Prosperty, War, and Depression .(16:52)
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Currency Wars

Global EconomyMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

01/22/2004Mises Daily Articles
Though politics may yet trump sound economics on this issue, writes Sean Corrigan, the Europeans know they are being blackmailed by the US into pursuing dangerously loose monetary policy (to add to the loose fiscal policies already being practiced by some of their governments). The biggest global...
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Inflation: The Grand Illusion

Money and BanksMonetary Theory

12/23/2003Mises Daily Articles
Instead of the archetypal Austrian Business Cycle, writes Sean Corrigan, we currently have the bizarre modern phenomenon of the further discoordination caused by the wild orgy of debt-financed consumption. It has been officially promoted to keep aggregate spending and arbitrary price levels...
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