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Troy Vincent

Troy Vincent is a 2011 graduate of Mises University and has a BS in economics and public policy from Indiana University. Since 2013 he has worked in energy economics for private sector research and consulting firms.

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Noah Smith Wants Harvard to Abandon Its Devotion to "Libertarian" Economic Theory. Really.

Smith thinks its enough to look at data in order to understand the economy. But without theory, how should the data be interpreted?

03/15/2019Power & Market
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Don’t Be Duped by the Latest "Universal Basic Income" Scheme


Keynes once suggested that "the Government should have people dig up holes and then fill them up.” The UBI is the same thing, but we just skip the digging.

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Venezuela: Poster Child for Socialism

Financial MarketsGlobal EconomySocialism


Many still to this day will not admit that the devastation witnessed in Venezuela is a problem inherent to socialism.

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Kentucky Teachers Want a Taxpayer Bailout

Taxes and Spending


The success of the private sector precedes the ability to have any employment in the public sector at all. But teachers want the private sector to pay until it hurts. 

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Government in Action: Crypto Edition

01/16/2018Power & Market
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