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They Still Don't Know What They're Doing, But They Want to Do It at the Point of a Gun

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Here's a message from an environmentalist who hides under the name "Tokyo Tom." He says it comes "off of the web page of the world-renowned Wood`s Hole Oceanographic Institute":

[W]orld leaders may be planning for climate scenarios of global warming that are opposite to what might...
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Different Flag, Different Lyrics, But the Same Old Tune

The EnvironmentPolitical Theory


The flag is Green now, instead of Red. And the lyrics are different. But the tune is still the same old tune.

When the Reds sang it, the lyrics were that the individual could not be left free because the result would be such things as "exploitation," "monopoly," and depressions. When the...

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Collectivism, Climate Change, and Economic Freedom

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


An individual kills someone—for money, out of jealousy, as an act of revenge, or because he doesn't like his victim's looks. A chorus of left-"liberals" rushes in to excuse his act, especially if he is poor. He is not responsible, they say. The real criminal is "Society," for having allowed him...

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The Environmentalists Are Trying to Frighten the Natives

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and Methodology


In a manner reminiscent of witch doctors urging primitive people to sacrifice their sheep and goats in order to mollify the wrath of the gods, today's environmentalists and their shills in the media and academe repeatedly urge the people of the United States and the rest of the modern world to...

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The Global Warming Bugaboo

The EnvironmentPolitical Theory


The environmental movement maintains that science and technology cannot be relied upon to build a safe atomic power plant, to produce a pesticide that is safe, or even to bake a loaf of bread that is safe, if that loaf of bread contains chemical preservatives. When it comes to global warming,...

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"End Liberty NOW!"

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


A scan of this morning's newspapers reveals that the Global Platonic Republic is about to launch a new campaign to fund its dangerous Collectivist ambitions on the broadest possible scale.

Cleverly, it has hit upon a one-two solution of undertaking a cynical expoitation of the economically...

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A Government Flood

The EnvironmentCalculation and Knowledge


The government created the flood—written in 1999 about a different (but similar) flood.

"Ignoring science and experience, military engineers consistently marched to the tune of the "levees-only theory...

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If Climate Change Is Killing Us, Why Is Life Expectancy Increasing?

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Environment

If climate change effects aren't enough to put a noticeable dent in life expectancy, then why is climate change talked about as an apocalypse?
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