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How the Feds Support Eco-Terrorism

The EnvironmentLegal SystemThe Police StatePolitical Theory


The Federal government likes to play both sides of the environmentalism debate in order to increase its own power.

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How the Government is Destroying the World’s Best Oysters

The EnvironmentInterventionismPrices


Decades of government mismanagement has wreaked havoc on the Apalachicola oyster industry.

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The Economics of Hunting and Species Conservation

The EnvironmentInterventionism


Remember Cecil the Lion? The backlash over Cecil may have reduced hunting in the region. But, as anyone familiar with how wildlife economics works, that hasn't saved any lions from death. It simply now means those lions must be culled by other, more painful means.

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Flint MI. Whistle Blower Says Public Science Broken

EducationThe EnvironmentHealthPrivate Property


The Virginia Tech Professor who blew the whistle on lead in the water in Flint, MI thinks "public science" has been broken. Not knowing its been a broken system all along.

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25 Years Ago NY Times Got Global Warming Right

The EnvironmentInterventionismPhilosophy and Methodology


Our friend Robert Bradley recently took a look back 25 years ago when the New York Times still had some scientific backbone.

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Global Warming Debate Over: We’re Doomed

The Environment


According to Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources, Ecology, etc., at the University of Arizona, (presumably man-made) climate change is "irreversible"...

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Walter Block: Regulations Contributed To And Worsened The BP Oil Spill

The EnvironmentInterventionism


Summary By Luis Rivera III: Many people are under the false impression that the oil spill that occurred in April of 2010 was due to a lack of regulations. One of these individuals is Thomas Frank, a journalist from The Wall Street Journal.

In this lecture Walter Block offers a...

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Mom or government?

Big GovernmentThe Environment


It's tornado season here in Ohio. This afternoon as a few funnel clouds were forming miles from my house, I received a call from my mother living in Florida. Seems she was not about to wait for her son to make his yearly Mother's Day call as she had urgent news. CNN and other news outlets were...

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LEED: the ticket to a greener career

The Environment


Government green included, of course.

Can you answer the following questions correctly (take a guess if you like, I did)?

1. Which two of the following are considered sources of potable water in LEED? (Choose two.)

  • A. irrigation wells
  • B. captured rain water
  • ...
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The Ocean in Dangerous Denial of Global Warming

The Environment


NPR reports that the ocean seems to be slightly cooling rather than warming. Let's give the ocean a government grant and see if it changes its mind.

Also, here is...

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