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Let em burn

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When a major wildfire outside Ketchum, Idaho threatened homes insured by AIG Private Client Group, the company sent private firefighters to spray a barrier of fire retardant on the homes most at risk. According to an...

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70-year old woman arrested for brown lawn

The EnvironmentLegal System


Story here. In other circumstances, such as water rationing, you get arrested for watering your lawn.

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Why Does Socialism Cause Pollution?

The EnvironmentPrivate Property


15 years ago Thomas DiLorenzo penned a concise piece detailing severals reasons and examples as to why socialism was not only unable to prevent pollution, but how it is the prime culprit in many cases.


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Malthus and Mein Kampf come to Cork

The Environment


For those who like their environmental gloom'n'doom spread with a thick dollop of Utopian totalitarianism and garnished with a slice of Galtonian pseudo-science, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas holds its sixth annual conference in Ireland this coming week.

Present will...

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Thomas Friedman on Addicted to Oil

The EnvironmentCalculation and KnowledgeProduction Theory


I recently saw Thomas Friedman's "Addicted to Oil" documentary on YouTube. A few nits to pick. First, of course, he unquestioningly buys into the global warming hype as one of the reasons we need to "do something." Second, he uncritically...

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Socialism Exposed by Natural Disaster

The EnvironmentWorld HistoryOther Schools of Thought


William Anderson today talks about America's pockets of socialism and how they collapse when tested. Meanwhile, in the prison called North Korea, there is massive flooding and...

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No, wait! Don't walk—that causes global warming!

The Environment


According to a fascinating article in The Times, walking to work may actually result in your augmenting, rather than reducing your "...

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The Green Economics of Gore

The Environment


Please note that I do not subscribe to the panicked cries of human-induced, carbon-based global warming. But, just for fun, let's assume that the cries are indeed true.

Ever since Mises exposed the negative effects of government interventions, politicians, bureaucrats, and most...

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Gore: Ignorant or Dishonest?

The EnvironmentCalculation and Knowledge


In his July 1, 2007, New York Times Op-Ed piece, "Moving Beyond Kyoto," Al Gore states:

Consider this tale of two planets. Earth and Venus are almost exactly the same size, and...
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Consuming national security

The Environment


Talk about internal conflict: On one hand, national security and all that, while, in the other hand, an ear of freshly-boiled, sweet corn. Sure, we all know that every kernel diverted from the production of ethanol is another seed of our destruction; oil production, global warming, etc...

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