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The Socialist Sinking Ship: Then and Now

Free MarketsWorld HistoryPrivate Property

If the Venezuelan example of socialism’s ultimate consequences baffles anybody, it is because of how little (economic) history people remember, and how quickly its lessons are forgotten.

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Austrian Student Scholars Conference

Free Markets


I just returned from the Austrian Student Scholars Conference at Grove City College and boy, I was impressed.

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Are the Ruling Elites in China Now More Pro-Market than the Ruling Elites in the USA?

Free MarketsGlobal Economy

Once upon a time, the Chinese were the enemies of private property rights and free markets, and the Americans were the enemies of the Chinese and purported to cherish the institutions that the Chinese hated. Today no such clear-cut difference exists. If anything, today’s Chinese in high places seem...
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Mark Thornton on Cybersecurity

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and Competition


Mark Thornton comments in WND's article on recent cyber-security breaches. Thornton notes that, when breaches do occur, "Most, if not all of the time, the customer isn’t harmed; it’s the company that’s harmed. As a result, banks and retailers seek out enhanced security so criminals are less...

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Jeff Deist on the Weekend Edition of PTR

Financial MarketsFree Markets


In case you missed it live, here's is the archived interview with Jeff Deist on Power Trading Radio from November 21.

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Be Sure to Tune In for Mises Circle, November 8

Big GovernmentFree MarketsLegal SystemPolitical Theory


The West Coast Regional Mises Circle in Costa Mesa is sold out, but be sure and mark your calendars so you can join us live via On November 8 —one week from Saturday— we'll be broadcasting all the...

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Anarchic Courts and More

Free MarketsLegal System


Summary by Luis Rivera III:

Here Dr. Walter Block, host Daniel Rothchild and other guests go over a number of topics including:

  • Courts in an
  • ...
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