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Rent Control: A History of Failure

Bureaucracy and Regulation

Blog2 hours ago

Rent controls are a recipe for less housing, and unaffordable rents. At least for most people.

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The Meat-Packing Myth

Bureaucracy and RegulationU.S. History

Blog5 hours ago

There is a myth that Progressive humanitarians agitated for meat-packing regulations which now protect us from disease. The reality is that the big meat packers themselves wanted regulation to help crush the competition.

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What John Law Taught Us About the Perils of Printing Money

Money and Banks

Blog5 hours ago

To cause a truly disastrous boom and bust with far-fetching real consequences, you need to control the money supply.

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Walter Bagehot and the Problem of the "Lender of Last Resort"

Money and Banks

Blog10 hours ago

James Grant's new book Bagehot: The Life and Times of the Greatest Victorian, reveals there we can still learn a lot from the world that existed before our modern era of central banking.

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August Money-Supply Growth Rate Falls to 12-Year Low

Money Supply

Blog11 hours ago

The money supply growth rate fell in August, dropping to a 150-month low.  To find a lower growth rate, we need to go back to August 2007, when the rate was 1.59 percent.

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Why Government Can't Measure Your Happiness

Calculation and KnowledgePolitical Theory

11 hours agoAudio/Video
When a parent leaves the work force to focus on parenting, this shows up in government stats as lower employment and less consumer spending — suggesting a less productive economy. But that's not what's going on at all.
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3 Charts Showing Just How Boxed-in the Fed Is

Far from being in the midst of a robust "recovery," the patient — i.e., the US economy — is still incredibly weak, needing constant infusions of medicine to stave off a crisis in its circulation.
09/18/2019Power & Market
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Negative Interest Rates are the Price We Pay for De-Civilization

Financial MarketsU.S. EconomyBusiness CyclesMoney and Banking


The destruction of capital, economic and otherwise, is contrary to every human impulse.

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