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Consuming national security


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Talk about internal conflict: On one hand, national security and all that, while, in the other hand, an ear of freshly-boiled, sweet corn. Sure, we all know that every kernel diverted from the production of ethanol is another seed of our destruction; oil production, global warming, etc. Yet, it is Father's Day.

Do I forsake and say, "No thanks, the nation and humanity -- in a word, our future -- comes first." Or, do I enjoy the still-steaming cob? While philosophizing is fun -- little rhetorical games of logic and what-if, reality is another game altogether. Security or the crunch of ripened, sweet corn, boiled to perfection. What would you do? What could I do? I ate the corn.

It was absolutely delicious, and we're not even talking the dream of late summer: those ears of succulent Ohio corn, freshly snapped from towering stalks, and just a month or two from market.

Sorry readers of this blog, but I plan on driving my SUV throughout the summer, visiting roadside stands, and bidding against the Greens and the security freaks for those tasty cobs of delight. I'll make amends somehow, someway. However, I simply have to have my corn ... and I have to eat it too!

Jim Fedako, a business analyst and homeschooling father of seven, lives in the wilds of suburban Columbus. Send him mail.

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